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Here are 10 key elements that you should use to create a successful promotional postcard:

  1. RETAIL-POSTCARD7Write a clear, bold headline
  2. Have a nice graphic that illustrates the message.
  3. Choose colours that really pop
  4. Uses a brief sub-heading that supports the headline
  5. Clearly communicate the benefits of your offer
  6. Make a compelling offer i.e.. “Special discount” etc.
  7. Add your company name and logo
  8. Use a call to action ie. “Call Today”
  9. Put in your contact information
  10. Add your return address

We Make it Easy….

We can print a wide range of high quality products and we provide a great website that can satisfy the needs of those who want to design their own documents with our online tools or simply upload their own print-ready files. Our print quality is second to none.

ClearPrint is based in Toronto and our very competitive pricing makes possible to provide cost-effective printing to businesses across Canada. We also have expert graphic design services available, if you need design services, send us an email to let us know what you need. 

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