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3 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Use Printed Marketing Content - ClearPrint

3 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Use Printed Marketing Content


Ever since the surge in popularity of digital marketing and the many different options the Internet provides to businesses of all sizes, printed media has been put on the backburner. Many once traditional businesses have even gone so far as to migrate entirely to Web-based operations, often with a view to cutting costs and/or reaching a wider audience. For example, most of us know a newspaper or magazine that was once printed and is now only available on the Internet. Additionally, paid online ads or, social media posts have often taken the place of printed flyers to advertise events and some brochures are only available in digital formats. One could be forgiven for thinking that printed media has become a thing of the past. Nonetheless, print marketing is still important to businesses, particularly local venues seeking to establish credibility in their regions.

#1. Build Credibility

Using the aforementioned example of certain publications moving to an online-only strategy, it’s important to remember why this really happens. In reality, the business is probably struggling and can no longer afford the costs of printing content. As such, it shifts from a traditional publication to a purely online experience, losing much of its credibility in the process. Although the written word online is undoubtedly essential in this day and age, printed media presents a much greater feeling of legitimacy. After all, almost anyone these days can design a website in a matter of minutes, but not everyone has the skills or funds to design and pay for a professionally presented flyer or brochure. To many people, even in the predominantly digital age, there is still no substitute for a physical, tangible item.

#2. Better Branding

Every successful business has a unique identity that people come to recognize. This identity is your branding, your company’s distinct personality, represented by everything from the colours you use to the style of the content you publish. Of course, digital content provides ample branding opportunities, but there’s no better way to truly bring your brand to life than by having printed marketing content as well. As a local business, you’ll want to build long-term trust and increase customers in your local area, and by distributing printed marketing content in your region, you’ll be in a better position to show your local community that you’re in touch with their needs and desires. Since branding is all about giving your business a personality, printed media is great for actually making your brand more real and personable.

#3. Easier Navigation

Reading content on a monitor is a very different experience to reading printed content, and it’s often one that leads to eyestrain and discomfort after a time. The far more natural experience that involves turning pages is something that no online experience can ever replace. Without the constant glare of artificial lighting and pixels in front of you, print is also much better for looking at more complicated and in-depth content. Printed content also encourages more in-depth reading rather than simply skimming through an article to pick up the most important points quickly, while probably missing something in the process. Ultimately, the tactile, lasting and tangible experience that printed media offers a much more natural and memorable one that people are more likely to connect with.

While the above is by no means intended to lessen the importance of digital content, it is meant to briefly illustrate just how important printed media still is and will continue to be. Printed content gives you more credibility by helping to give your brand a more professional and enduring image. After all, there’s a lot of junk on the Internet created by people hoping to make a quick buck in return for very little work.

The reality is that printing cost have come down a lot. You can now print very high quality when printing low quantities. It just wasn’t cost effective years ago but technology has improved immensely and if you choose an online printer that doesn’t have a brick and mortar overhead it makes printing very affordable. Meanwhile the cost of online marketing keeps getting higher every day.